Handy Tips for Working Women to Boost Their Immunity

Self Care October 3, 2020 • 7 mins read

As women age, they might seem to feel tired all the time. Their stress levels could skyrocket as they juggle their office works and household chores. While they stretch their limits to stay on top of their game, they might experience consistent cold; their wounds could take a long time to heal, and they could even face stomach troubles like diarrhoea and constipation.

Are you one among those women who are well acquainted with the above health conditions?

Please don’t take these signs lightly, for they are the symptoms of a deteriorating immune system. But don't worry, through this blog, you should be able to take away some effective tips on boosting your immunity.

How to Boost Immunity?

There exists a two-way solution to boost your immunity. It comes in the form of dietary intakes and lifestyle changes. Let’s explore.

Dietary Intakes

The intake of a healthy palate is indispensable for strengthening your immunity. Natural foods, herbs, and vitamins are great immune boosters. Discover how each of them improves your immunity from the table below.

Immune Boosting Foods & Herbs

Foods and HerbsConstitutionHealth Benefits
BlueberriesOffers antioxidant properties and flavonoids that help to boost the immune system.Lessens upper respiratory tract infection and the common cold.
SpinachContains essential nutrients and antioxidants such as carotenoids and vitamins C and E.Prevents cold
Sweet PotatoesRich in beta carotene and Vitamin APrevents skin damage, and offers protection from the UV rays.
TurmericDelegates anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. 
GingerConstitutes antibiotic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties.Soothes sore throat and dispels nausea.
GarlicIt is antibiotic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory.Increase the white blood cells’ count in the body to fight foreign bacteria and virus.

Immunity Boosting Vitamins

Besides the food mentioned above items and herbs, you must ensure the intake of immune-boosting vitamins in their standard proportion. Following tabulation reveals the three important immunity strengthening vitamins with their corresponding food items and health benefits.

VitaminsVitamin CVitamin B6Vitamin E
FoodsOranges, grapes, strawberries, spinach, tomatoes, and broccoli.Chicken, banana, tuna, salmon, chickpeas, potatoes, and green vegetables.Nuts, seeds, pumpkin, mango, spinach and avocado.
UsesLessens the body’s vulnerability to sicknesses.Supports biochemical reactions and synthesises Vitamin B12 that generates the red blood cells and the cells of your immune system.Fights against infections.

Lifestyle Changes

Dietary intakes and lifestyles are like the two sides of the same coin. In the absence of either one, you’re prone to come a cropper with your immunity. Consuming a healthy diet is all good. And supplementing it with Revital H Woman for consistency is better, but that’s not all. To build a healthy immunity, you have to chisel your lifestyle.

Let’s explore those action steps.

Break a Sweat

Physical activity is not limited to building muscles; instead, it's an essential aspect of building a healthy immune system. Exercising will boost your overall circulation, which, in turn, would make it easier for your immune cells to travel throughout your body to fight foreign particles.

Studies show that a thirty-minute vigorous-to-moderate exercise helps stimulate your immune system. That’s why you must focus on staying active and take up regular exercise. Walking, jogging, and swimming are all great options.

Drink Water, Not Alcohol

Your circulatory system contains a fluid called lymph which is responsible for transporting the infection-fighting immune cells. If you are dehydrated, the movement of lymph will be slowed down, and it can impair the immune system. So, make it a point to drink about two litres of water daily.

Alternatively, abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol. Alcohol exercises severe effects throughout the body. For instance, in the lungs, alcohol can damage the immune cells and the fine hairs, which play an important role in clearing the pathogens out of your airway. On the other side of the spectrum, smoking is found to compromise the equilibrium of the immune system. It increases the risk of autoimmune disorders. As a result, your immune system mistakenly attacks your body’s healthy tissues and cells.

So, say no to smoking or drinking.

Sleep your Stress Away

Stress and sleep are deeply interlinked and can lead to lasting mental and physical ailments. Subject to your age, you must sleep between seven to nine hours a night, sans stress.Worrying isn’t going to transform your situation, but a sound night’s sleep without any stress can help you clear your mind and take on the day with ease.

Action Step

Take good care of your immune system to help it take good care of you at the face of infection and diseases. Strengthen your immune system by taking in the essential food items, herbs, and vitamin supplements like Revital H Woman and contour your lifestyle to the points we mentioned here. 

Remember, there is a reason why they say health is wealth!

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