Frequently Asked Questions

Need more insights on the varied benefits and adjacencies of Revital H Woman? It is normal to be wary of your body’s intake. Find answers to the questions bouncing in your mind in this section.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Revital H Woman?

    RHW is a neutraceutical that has been specially formulated for women, keeping in mind their special needs.  Its combination of Natural Ginseng, 12 vitamins and 10 Minerals helps in increasing the consumption of oxygen in the body and thus helps improve energy levels throughout the day.

  • Who should choose Revital H Woman?

    In today's active and demanding lifestyle, women are required to perform multiple activities throughout the day that involve both physical and mental strength. As the day progresses, women tend to fell low on energy and show signs of tiredness. The accompanying fatigue, irritability and stress hampers their family life and leads to lack of motivation to perform necessary chores. Revital H Woman is a daily nutritional product which has the following benefits:

    • Natural Ginseng helps in increasing stamina and energy levels
    • Vitamins, Minerals and Iron help in improving your health, immunity and mental strength
    • Vitamin D and Calcium helps in maintaining healthy bones
    • Vitamin A, E, Zinc, Biotin and selenium help in maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails

  • Recently I have been diagnosed with Diabetes. Should I continue consuming Revital H Woman?

    Revital H Woman is sugar free and is not known to increase sugar levels or obesity.

  • Is Ginseng beneficial for women?

    Natural Ginseng is equally beneficial for both men and women. It is a 5000 year old well researched herb which is a known adaptogen. It benefits include

    1. Decreases physical fatigue and tiredness
    2. Improves mental concentration and alertness
    Revital H Woman uses standardized high quality Red Korean panax ginseng and this ensures better efficacy and safe.

  • Recently I have been diagnosed with High BP. Should I continue consuming Revital H Woman?

    Patients with high blood pressure should consult their doctors before consuming Revital H Woman

  • What is the Recommended Serving?

    1 tablet a day with breakfast or any other meal with water/juice/milk

  • Can it be taken during periods?

    Yes, Revital H Woman is specially formulated with deep understanding of a woman's physiological system. It is absolutely safe to consume Revital H Woman during periods.

  • Can it be taken during pregnancy and lactation?

    Since Revital H Woman has not been studied in Pregnant and Lactating women, we do not recommend Revital H Woman during pregnancy/lactation.

  • Is Revital H Woman Vegetarian?

    Yes, Revital H Woman is 100% vegetarian.

  • How is Revital H Woman different from Revital?

    Women have special needs which are different from that of men. Revital H Woman is a Daily Health Supplement specially formulated for these special needs of women. It contains

    • Carbonyl Iron– Special form of iron which is easily absorbed and gentle on stomach
    • Extra Calcium – for bone health
    • Antioxidants like Biotin and Selenium  – For maintaining healthy hair, skin, nails and for anti-ageing benefits

  • Is it safe to consume Revital H Woman?

    Yes. Revital H Woman is totally safe to consume and is not known to have any side effects. Pregnant and lactating women or anyone with a medical condition should consult a physician before using this product.

  • Who should take Revital H Woman?

    Revital H Woman can be taken by women of 18 years or above. Revital H Woman should be made a part of your lifestyle along with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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