Astonishing Facts and Remedies about Bone Health in Women

Nutrition April 23, 2020 • 4 mins read

For women, especially the ones gruelling through hectic career regimes, bones act as the sturdy pillars of strength.

Yet, when it comes to taking care of one’s health, bones are the last thing on our minds. In the game of building muscle and losing fat, bone health is usually taken for granted. Particularly in women, building a healthy bone structure is often kept on the last pedestal. Most women try to satiate their bone healthcare needs by intake of calcium tablets, which is inadequate.

After a certain age, women's bones become brittle and fragile. Some women have encountered strange scenarios in their day-to-day lives, such as hearing a crunching sound from their knees after a prolonged time of sitting, breaking a hipbone while bending forward, or severe muscle cramps. It is only during their healing therapy with the medic that they get to know about their weak and brittle bones. In such a scenario; the medic advises them to take supplements for bone health, especially the ones that have the essential and balanced amount of calcium and Vitamin D.

It is time that we transform our mind-sets and give our humble bones the much-needed care that they deserve.

Before we explore how to care for weak bones, let us look at some interesting facts about bone health:

  • Human bones are sturdier than iron
  • A human's bone marrow produces two million red blood corpuscles in just a second
  • Heavy drinking reduces bone density which in turn causes bone weakness
  • A fracture encountered on account of weak bones is equivalent to the combined ailment of breast, uterine, and ovarian cancer
  • Our bones also store essential minerals such as calcium and phosphorous, that in turn lead us to better health
  • This also comes in handy when breastfeeding as the stored calcium in the bones is released into the body and acts as a vital element of the mother's milk.

These facts further substantiate the need for women to put deliberate efforts for sustainable bone health.

In the quest, as a simple measure, you can start by consuming calcium tablets and health supplements such as Revital H Woman, which is a healthy mix of natural Ginseng, necessary vitamins and other minerals that a woman’s body needs. To help calcium absorption in the body, you need vitamin D. It is wise to look for compositions, which blends these coveted nutrients. A focus on workouts must accompany this intake, to boost bone density, enrich bone mass and thereby protect women from various bone ailments.

Why do Women Need Extra Focus on Bone Health?

Statistically, women are at a higher risk of contracting bone-related ailments as compared to men. This disparity is because women carry lesser bone tissue as compared to their male counterparts. Menopause further causes women to lose bone mass at an accelerated speed, thus putting them at the risk of contracting dreadful bone diseases. Latest studies reveal that women as young as those in their mid-40s are undergoing menopause, owing to stressful lifestyles and inadequate dietary regimes. This issue, coupled with our careless health choices, are now necessitating a better focus on bone health. 

Common Bone-Related Ailments in Women and How to Prevent Them

While there are several bone-related ailments, the most common of all are Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. The former refers to the early signs of bone loss, which if not taken into account, can lead one to full-blown osteoporosis – a condition that causes weaker bones and makes them susceptible to breakage. The ailment can also cause bone deformation and lead to loss of mobility and independence at later stages in life.

To detect and prevent bone problems, it is essential to keep a tab on the bone density and mass. Bone density is determined by the levels of minerals in your body and it is, therefore, significant to consume calcium-rich foods and recognized supplements for bone health regularly to prevent health troubles. 

Combating bone-related disorders by following some precautionary steps:

Eat a Well-balanced Diet

Eating right is an essential step in ensuring overall bone health. Consume foods that are rich in calcium (such as low-fat dairy products and tofu) and Vitamin D (such as egg-yolks) for maintaining good bone quality. Include additional supplements for bone health to further ensure optimal results.

Indulge in Physical Activity

In addition to muscles, bones also stand to gain strength with exercise. Focus on weight-bearing and resistance training regimes, walking, climbing stairs, lifting weights, and dancing regularly for stronger bones.

Give up Your Vices

It is suggested to give up substance abuse that can jeopardize our bone quality. Habits such as smoking can affect bone density by a large margin. Similarly, consuming excessive alcohol has also shown to have adverse effects on bone and overall body health. It is thus; wise to quit your vices to lead a happier life. We can at least try.

Get Yourself Tested Regularly

If you are above the age of 30, it is recommended to visit your doctor regularly for bone-health check-ups. Ask if you need to get a bone density test done or require any special treatment. Talking to your doctor can help you detect early signs of any bone-related disorders and reverse them at the very beginning. However, you can always start the intake of supplements in the early years of life to strengthen the bones.

As the bone quality and health mechanisms differ widely for men and women, it is of utmost importance to device a health plan that is most suitable for your bone health. Rely on supplements for bone health that are devised explicitly for women such as Revital H Woman and follow a fitness regime that works best for your bones! Take charge of your bone health and walk towards a healthier life today!

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