How to Handle Pre-period Stress? The Woman Guide!

Live Stress Free September 22, 2020 • 6 mins read

Are you feeling that bout of unexplainable irritability, anger, sadness, and anxiety? Again? Don't worry; you're not alone. According to research, 75 percent of women, in their reproductive years, experience this condition called Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Just like you, before a week or so leading up to the period, some women feel moodier than usual, while others are achy and bloated.

While experts are not sure about the exact cause of the PMS, they believe that it could be linked to the hormonal fluctuations such as ovulation that takes place in the latter half of the menstrual cycle.

Is there anything you could do to overcome this? Yes!

Let’s show you the feasible lifestyle changes that’ll help you handle pre-period stress.

Period Stress Busters

Get Acquainted with Aerobic Exercise

According to research, it has been proved that those who underwent regular exercise throughout the month had less severe PMS symptoms. Regular exercisers are found to have resilience towards mood and behaviour changes when compared to the ones who don’t. They seem to easily overcome anxiety, depression, and troubles related to concentration. Into the bargain, exercising can reduce your physical pain related pre-period symptoms. So, try to allocate some time for aerobic exercises. They will help you concentrate better in your workplace while also alleviating the unexplained mood swings.

Embrace Relaxation Techniques

Means of keeping your premenstrual anxiety in check include relaxation techniques such as massage therapy, yoga, and meditation.

Clock your Sleep

Yes, your work indeed has you bound. But learn to balance it out and make it a point to sleep soundly for eight hours a day. Start by prioritizing your to-do lists and bring in a consistency to your daily lifestyle. Make it a point to develop a regular sleep schedule—clock when you must wake up and when you must hit the pillow, every day – including weekends.

Include Carbs on Your Palate

Consume carbohydrates. Seriously. You can reduce your moodiness and anxiety-inducing food cravings that occur while PMSing, by taking a diet that’s rich in complex carbohydrates. These include whole grains and starchy vegetables. It would also be useful to take foods rich in calcium, such as milk and yoghurt.

Get Stronger with Vitamins

A study found that both vitamin B6 and calcium could reduce the psychological and physical symptoms of PMS. So, include food items that are rich in vitamin B6 and calcium like eggs, soya beans, milk, and nuts. Additionally, other substances like magnesium and essential fatty acids are found to alleviate the PMS symptoms. So, ensure to integrate these components into your daily diet. You can turn to supplements of the likes of Revital H Woman that constitutes twelve of the essential vitamins. Since our busy lives do not provide us with the luxury of consuming all the essential vitamins all the time, it is wise to consume Revital H Woman every day and rest assured about your nutritional intake.

Over to You

While you prep up to fight PMS, beware that improper consumption of alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods, salt and sugar could trigger PMS symptoms. Therefore, it would do you well by abstaining or limiting their intake.

Good luck on implementing these measures that help you mitigate the symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome.

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