Minerals and Vitamins that Help You in Weight Loss Programs

Nutrition September 20, 2020 • 8 mins read

If you were told that there was an easy way to lose weight, you'd embrace it right away, won't you? But let's understand that without breaking a sweat there's no way you could see yourself in the shape you envision.

However, certain minerals and vitamins can give a helping hand to your weight loss programs to make it more efficient and fruitful. In this blog, you can identify and leverage these elements that favour weight loss to scale your fitness goals.

Let us take a look at these weight loss minerals


According to Dr Carolyn Dean’s research, magnesium can reduce stress and anxiety, which cause an increase in hunger. This hunger, in turn, leads to binge eating, to promote increased stores of body fat and weight gain. You’d want to avoid this storage if you are working out to lose some fat.

Here are the best sources of magnesium that you must include in your diet to ensure that your weight loss program turns out well – nuts, legumes, seeds, and leafy green vegetables.


Iron is an essential mineral that helps your body create vital energy from the absorbed and assimilated nutrients. It carries oxygen to all the cells in your body, including your muscles. Thus, it helps to burn fat.

But if you have a deficiency of iron, it can lead to fatigue, weakness, and lower energy levels. This, in turn, would affect your physical endurance and athletic performance.

So, if you experience heavy menstrual periods or frequently donate blood, then you would have to check your haemoglobin levels so that it does not come in the way of your weight loss program. Incorporating iron-rich foods such as lean meats, spinach, beans, and shellfish would help you maintain healthy iron levels in your body.

Weight Loss Vitamins

Vitamin D

According to research, it was found that obese people housed lower-than-normal levels of serum vitamin D in their bodies. Thus, besides proofing your body from infections, Vitamin D also aids to keep your weight in check.

You get all the needed Vitamin D from the sun. However, as you spend more time indoors, you should take supplements since it is hard to get an adequate amount of vitamin D from food alone.

While experts are still researching the link between weight loss and Vitamin D, let’s share with you an interesting finding from a 2011 study that states that obese and fat people who took Vitamin D supplements lost more stomach fat than those who didn’t take any.

Hence, as you try to lose weight, make it a point to include sardines, egg yolks, and cod liver oil into your diet. Consumption of a dependable daily health supplement like Revital H Woman too suffices the requirement.

Vitamin B and its Complements

There are eight B vitamins which help you endorse a fully functioning metabolism. That means they help your body to use the stored energy from the carbohydrate, protein, and fat intakes.

A low level of any of these B vitamins would mean that your metabolism wouldn’t be functioning at its best. And this, in turn, would make it harder to lose weight. You can find B vitamins in beans, lentils, milk, potatoes, bananas, amidst other food items.

Action Step

As you follow your weight loss program, check and ensure that your diet includes the vitamins and minerals mentioned in this article. If not, you must add them to your palate; turn to supplements like Revital H Woman for a one-stop solution to your nutritional needs.

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