Minerals that Make Your Workout Work for You!

Nutrition May 13, 2020 • 4 mins read

Right from slimming down for weddings to a ravenous hunt for a perfect shape, women indulge in workouts for many reasons. Many women believe that being skinny is the standard, and they channelise their workout around losing weight. They get busy with deep workouts but cut out on the essential nutrition for workouts.

The truth is, you must direct your exercising and workout schedules with the motto of becoming fit, rather than just slimming down. Equipped with this thought, you would be ready to take up the needed nutrition for workouts that will generate visible results. It is like making your minerals work for you and your workout!

So, let us explore the essential minerals that must be a part of your diet to maximise the results of your workout.


While working out, your body requires more oxygen, which is obtained from your bloodstream. The iron in your system enhances this process. Therefore, if you have low iron reserves in your body, you will encounter fatigue and might even become lethargic to continue your workout. Now, you wouldn’t want that to happen, right?

On a regular workout basis, you require 18 milligrams of iron, which is three times higher than what you consume in your average daily diet. Therefore, while you take servings of cereals, , and shellfish, which are rich in iron, supplement your diet with nutraceutical tablets as well.


While calcium is indispensable for bone health, it also controls muscle contractions, which means that calcium determines how long and hard you can exercise. It is reported that if you train only on weekdays, you would need 1000-1300 milligrams of calcium daily. If you fall short on the figures, you are prone to get weak bones. And under heavy workouts, you might even encounter fractures.

A calcium-rich diet includes dairy products or substitutes and sardines, supplemented by calcium and vitamin d capsules to maximise the output.


To enhance strength and endurance, muscles derive oxygen and glucose with the help of magnesium. Consistent heavy workout can, however, lower your magnesium levels. According to the standard fitness guidelines, you need 320 milligrams of magnesium daily. But your average intake amounts only to 274 milligrams. Therefore, concentrate on taking more leafy greens, nuts, and brown rice, coupled with the best multivitamin for women like Revital H Woman.


While zinc is known to improve immunity, it is indispensable for the speedy recovery of muscle injuries caused by fitness training. It also helps you to absorb and process carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Ensure to take in nine to twelve grams of zinc daily. Some of the zinc-rich foods include cheddar cheese, quinoa, shellfish, and pumpkin seeds. If you are unable to include these in your meals, don’t resort to neglecting your nutrition for fitness, rather take your multivitamin tablets without fail.


Potassium is famed for being the powerhouse mineral. It helps the cells in your body to draw glucose to help you during your fitness session. If you run low on potassium, your muscles would get exhausted sooner, and your reflexes also become slower. This will reduce your productivity during your training, and you would tend to feel nauseated at the end.

According to the standards prescribed for nutrition for workouts, your body must take 4700 milligrams of potassium daily. So, enrich your plate with potassium-rich food such as banana, spinach, potato, white beans, and apricots. Supplement this diet with your multivitamin tablets.

Sodium Chloride

While working out, you sweat a lot. During this process, you lose sodium chloride from your system. It is advised that you take an intake of 2300 milligrams of sodium, and 2.3 grams (stick to grams of mg) of chloride daily.

Failing to do so will prevent the proper functioning of muscle contractions. As you are aware now, the extent to which your muscles can contract and relax would determine how long and hard you can exercise. You can add lettuce, olives, and seaweed to your diet to ensure a healthy intake of sodium chloride.

How do multivitamin tablets complement essential nutrition for workouts?

While we might prepare workout diet charts to get the best out of our workout sessions, it is highly doubtful that we would ever have the time to prepare such a dietary plate every day. This is why women who undergo heavy workouts need to depend on multivitamin tablets, to garner the needed strength and nutrition for workouts. Most women depend on the industry-rated, best supplement for women – Revital H Woman, due to its multifarious acclaimed nutritional values.

Wrapping Up

Whatever might be the reason behind your working out, it is a scarce possibility to witness fruitful results in the absence of the much-needed nutrition for workouts. Ensure that you take all the required minerals in the right quantity through your diet and health supplements.

You can then make your workout work for you!

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