What are You Doing for Your Own Nutrition as A Mother?

Nutrition May 6, 2020 • 5 mins read

Oh, the contentment of being a mother! You know it, right?

Motherhood is a glorious gift that comes with many responsibilities.  Caring for your kids, meeting the needs of family, and coping up with physical and hormonal changes, all of it is included in this wonderful package. We know for sure that unlike men, the physical functionality of women is subject to metamorphose with definitive changes at varying stages of womanhood.

Women who once were young damsels with plenty of time to invest in leisure papaya masks and pampered meals, are now struggling to find time for basic appetite fulfilment. Hence, the need to consume recommended health supplements for mothers, as they nourish you with the essential vitamins and minerals, which you fail to take with your regular diet.

Muddled in busy schedules, and amidst the hustle bustle of work-life balance, mothers often forget to tend to their own health and well-being. This is a cause of concern. If you are a mother and unable to fit health and well-being into your daily life, you need help.

Let us look at some easy to follow tips on how busy mothers can put their health on a safe pedestal:

Consume a Healthy Plate for a Healthy Motherhood

Eating a balanced meal is indispensable to maintain your health. However, when you are unsuccessful in consistently consuming a healthy plate, you can always rely on health supplements for mothers. Supplements help to rejuvenate your tired muscles and organs.

Along with a healthy dose of supplementing health nutrients, let us also put focus on you how your plate must look like for every meal:

  • Half a plate of fruits and vegetables
  • Remaining half a plate of whole grains and lean protein
  • A glass of milk or curd or yoghurt

To those of you who do not like the taste of plain dairy products, you can always grab a glass of flavoured milk.

Be Fed with Nutritious Food to Feed Your Child Nutritiously

Most mothers become unimaginably busy after childbirth. Their eating, working, and sleeping schedules change drastically with their little ones to look after. In this altered phase of life, mothers fail to eat nutritious food, which in turn affects their lactation levels.

It is essential that you take the prescribed postpartum diet and other health supplements for mothers; to not only feed your child with healthy breast milk but also to recover from the losses you suffered at the time of labour and delivery.

Here are the vitamins that must be a part of your diet during your postpartum period and beyond.

  • Vitamin B Complex – B6, B12, thiamine, pantothenic acid, folate, biotin, riboflavin
  • Iron Supplement
Vitamins and SupplementsFood Items
Vitamin ALiver, Fish, mangoes
Vitamin CPotato, Orange, Guava, Amla
Vitamin DEgg, Fish
Vitamin ENuts, Sunflower & Safflower Oil
Vitamin KGreen & Yellow Veggies, Grapes
Vitamin B & its ComponentsCereals, Pulses, Brown rice, Legumes

If you find it hard to prepare different meals to ensure the right intake of all the essential vitamins and minerals, do not hesitate to take Revital H Woman, which is a healthy mix of all the nutrition that you need. While it not only nourishes you to nurse your child, other astounding benefits come with its consumption:

  • Helps maintain healthy skin
  • Prevents anaemia. Helps maintain hemoglobin levels in blood
  • Helps strengthen teeth and gums
  • Helps improve blood circulation
  • Helps to recover from post-surgery weakness

Overcome Fatigue with the Right Kind of Calorie-rich Food

Although working mothers are well informed about the calorie intake requirement daily, their busy schedules do not permit them to eat healthily. However, let us give you a timed diet plan, which you can incorporate to the best that your schedule permits.

TimeAction Plan
05:30 AMWake up and have a glass of lemon water
05:45 AMExercise
06:15 AMMilk
08:00 AMBreakfast: Dosas with Poha (or) Egg Sandwiches with some Fruits
10:45 AMFruit (or) Vegetable (or) Health Drink such as green tea along with your health supplement.
01:00 PMLunch: Must contain a delightful blend of carbohydrates, proteins, fibre, vitamins, and probiotics.
04:00 PMGreen tea or coffee with a protein-rich snack
08:00 PMDinner: Roti/dosa/vegetables. Another alternative could be porridge with lots of veggies.
10:00 PMA warm glass of milk before going to sleep

Besides these daily portions of a healthy diet, be sure to take some health-promoting herbs once in a while such as a ginseng, bilberry, or turmeric. Ginseng is known to improve immunity. You can consume raw ginseng root or steam it lightly to soften it for easy consumption. However, if you cannot make the time for it, your Revital H Woman capsules contain ginseng besides all the essential ten vitamins and nine minerals. Makes it easy, isn’t it?

To End With… Women's health needs to be utmost priority. It often isn't, but it needs to be. Make time to keep yourself healthy. Be sure you are alive and kicking to keep your family in shape.

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