Women’s Health Critical For Indian Economy

Self Care April 22, 2021 • 4 mins read

Women should reassert at every level of their contribution to the economy. But to do that, they need to be in good physical and mental health, feels Dr Mukund Singh. In a conversation with M.Rajendran, he highlights the importance of women’s health by taking the right supplements like Revital H and a good diet and exercise.
Women’s physical and mental health is crucial for their contribution to the economy. It is important to follow a balanced nutritious diet, an exercise regime along with Revital H Woman daily.

Why do women in India neglect their health?

At the outset, I must highlight that the topic we are discussing is very critical. Women account for half of the population of this world, including India. So, we have to understand the importance of the issue, Women’s Health,’ from that perspective.

India is a developing country, and women’s role is directly linked to our economy and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Women in India face many challenges, which can be measured on various scales that are used globally. When we scrutinize it further, we see that the poor among women suffer more, but even those who do not fall under the bracket of poor also face health-related issues because of lack of education and awareness. That results in inadequate nutrition intake amongst the people in general, but women in particular.

How critical are women’s health in enhancing and changing their output?

Many societies in India consider half of this crucial demographic dividend as non-productive in contributing to the economy. Like the homemakers, their contribution is not taken into account, and as a result, their health, nutrition and wellness is never an issue.

Women take care of their family and equally contribute to the country’s economic growth. They must take care of their health, which they often tend to neglect. Taking regular and timely meals should be supplemented with vitamins for required nutrition and build immunity.

Dr. Mukund Singh, Consultant, Internal Medicine, MBBS, DNB (Medicine) Kailash Hospital, Greater Noida

Do you feel that women were more neglected during the Covid? What needs to be done?

During Covid, the young women were working at home and managing the office. Many of them reported stress, depression resulting in diabetic, cardiac and other diseases, which they were not supposed to get at that age. Schools and offices were closed, the house help was not available, and everyone was at home, and the demand of each member of the family had to be met by the woman of the house. It continues, and we do not know how the situation will unfold, but the health of women in and outside the home needs special care. It is too early to assess if Covid’s associated aspects have impacted women’s fertility, but stress has impacted their health.

How do women take care of their health better? Are supplements a necessity?

In this fast paced life, women keeps juggling and multitasking between various roles in life. Hence they need strong bones as well as day long energy both. I recommend Revital H Woman for my women patients, which provides a wholesome nutrition with combination of Calcium, Iron, Ginseng and multiple vitamins.

Are you recommending this for working women and also homemakers?

Both working women and homemakers must take balanced diet and good nutrition to keep themselves going. Regular assessment of nutritional status and health in gerenal by a specialist physician is always advisable. Nutritional supplements based on need is essential for all women.The myth that working women have more stress needs to be removed from society. A homemaker equally needs the same level of nutrients and supplements as those who work outdoor.

What is your suggestion to the young women working in day and night shift?

Young women working in day and night shifts should take special care to their health.  Important aspects for them are inadequate sleep apart from lack of balance diet. Such women should take care of their health more than those working in regular working hours during day time. Since it may not be possible for them to consume vital nutrients required for their body, it is suggested that they take vitamin supplements regularly. It is also essential that they avoid smoking and alcohol. The exercise regimen should be separate and regular.

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