Work-Life Balance 101: Put Your Life Back on Track

Live Stress Free December 10, 2020 • 5 mins read

One of the biggest challenges today is striking an effective, healthy work-life balance. The digital age allows work to follow people’s homes, which can be overwhelming. Remember, if you feel like your work is always there and has taken control of your life, you're not alone. There are millions of women who fail to strike a sufficient work-life balance (WLB) every day. They watch life pass them by with no time to enjoy it. They feel like life happens to them instead of them having an active stake in their life.

Career women often face this stress due to the force of having it all. That is not to say that men are not affected by this. Studies show that both working men and women crave time with their families. That said, women are disproportionately expected to take care of their families after a long day at work. This contributes to housework and further induces anxiety, creating an unhealthy work-life balance.

Symptoms of an Unhealthy Work-Life Balance


The main problem is exhaustion. Often a result of not properly taking care of oneself, indulging in late nights and stress foods can severely affect both the body and the mind. Losing out on sleep and essential nutrients can further affect your health and negatively impact your energy. Taking health supplements in such situations is recommended.

Especially for menstruating people, they need the best multivitamin supplements to maintain their energy through the loss of iron. Multivitamin supplements for women also prevent them from having to eat heavy meals each time they need to replenish energy while ensuring that they can sufficiently maintain their health.

Loss of Health

Health supplements become especially important in this second point. While your health may be affected by unhealthy eating habits or sleep schedules, it can also be affected by a lack of sunlight. You may be one of the many women who work long hours indoors. In that case, you may not have adequate exposure to Vitamin D. Aptly called the "sunshine vitamin," this is not naturally produced by the body. Therefore, you either have to ingest it through multivitamin supplements or go outside.

Not getting enough vitamin D can result in metabolic disorders, psychiatric and cardiovascular disorders, and cancer. All the best multivitamin supplements consist of vitamin D, avoiding these possibilities altogether.

Less Time With Friends and Family

The points mentioned above focus on your physical health. But unhealthy WLB affects your family and social life too. While this may appear as physical symptoms over time, health supplements cannot solve this. Only an active lifestyle change can counter this effect.

You need to keep this in mind and make the following changes for a better, more wholesome WLB.

How to Create a Wholesome Work-Life Balance

Setting Effective Boundaries

This refers to both your professional and personal life. You need to know your limits and accept them as your limits. Pushing yourself sometimes is good and can yield positive results. But constantly pushing yourself can lead to chronic stress. Some ways you can set boundaries based on your limits are:

  • Manage Your Time: Do not be available 24/7. Take breaks when needed and schedule your work in a way that maximizes efficiency by prioritizing your mental and physical health.
  • Learn to Say “No”: Women are often taught to accept and agree to things. With a professional life, being able to say no and effectively delegating is vital. Taking up more responsibility than you can handle can lead to feeling like work is too much, pushing you to burn out faster.
  • Unplug After Your Day: Instead of allowing technology to rule your life even after getting home from the office, turn yourself off. A lot of managers are ready to facilitate a better WLB for their employees. Giving timings during which you will be available is a large part of this.
  • Know Your Options: If you feel like the stress is getting to you, talking to your employer about options that will reduce this is a good idea. Chronic stress can cause heart disease and stomach ulcers. Therefore, avoiding this is very important, and the best way is to talk about flexible hours and other such low-stress options.

Taking Care of Yourself

The second part of Work-Life is Life. Taking care of yourself outside of work is also necessary. You need to master self-care techniques that keep your stress levels down, ensuring a better WLB.

  • Relaxing: Set aside time for your hobbies. Do non-work-related activities like gardening or reading that allow you to unwind a little. You can also find new activities to enjoy with your family and friends such as hiking! Such outdoor activities have the additional benefit of getting your blood pumping and giving you all the vitamin D you need!
  • Help Others: Volunteering at an animal shelter or an NGO can also reduce stress. It makes you feel good about yourself, releasing endorphins when you successfully help someone. Consequently, it lowers psychological distress.
  • Create a Support System: While the best multivitamin supplements help you maintain your physical health, the best support system helps you maintain your mental and emotional health. Having people you can talk to when stressed is key to a healthy WLB. If it gets bad, remember, talking to a mental health professional is nothing to be ashamed of.

Know When to Ask for Help

Knowing your limits ensures that you effectively prevent burnout. By involving a support system or using a highly effective multivitamin supplement for women, keeping your mental and physical health at the centre of your WLB is essential.

Health supplements such as Revital H Woman ensure that your physical health does not add to any professional stressors that may already exist in your life. This way, they help you to minimize the risk of various stress-induced diseases and help you achieve a healthy, happy work-life balance!

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