Your Only Guide to Improve Your Haemoglobin Levels

Nutrition September 17, 2020 • 10 mins read

Have you lately experienced frequent fatigue coupled with a fast or irregular heartbeat?

Are your gums pale?

Do you have reoccurring headaches and muscle weakness?

Well, experiencing one or many of these signs is a pointer to a low haemoglobin level in your bloodstream. But rest assured, because there is a way out of this.

Let’s see how you can improve your haemoglobin levels.

Here’s Your Guide on How to Improve Haemoglobin

Consume Food Items Rich in Iron

Eat and maximize your iron absorption. The more the iron in your body, the better would be the production of haemoglobin. And this, in turn, helps to form more red blood cells.

Here are some of the iron-rich foods you must include in your diet:

  • Fish and meat
  • Eggs
  • Green beans, green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Soy products

Besides, you must also help your body increase its absorption of iron from the food items mentioned above. For this, you could take foods that are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and beta carotene. Following is the food chart denoting the food items rich in their respective vitamins.

Vitamin AVitamin CBeta Carotene
Sweet PotatoesLeafy Green VegetablesSquash
LiverGrapesSweet Potatoes

It is always safe to maintain the recommended dosage of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. To take care of that, help yourself with healthy supplements like Revital H Woman that contain all these three essential compounds besides other essential vitamins and minerals, in their standard proportions.

Increase the Intake of Folate

Another essential component that has a crucial role in the production of haemoglobin is folate. Your body uses folate to produce heme, which a component of haemoglobin that helps to carry oxygen to all the parts of your body.

Lack of folate would inhibit the ability of your red blood cells to mature. And this leads to low haemoglobin levels and folate-deficiency anaemia.

Some of the excellent food sources of folate include beef, rice, spinach, avocadoes, lettuce. Alternatively, supplements like Revital H Woman are a rich source of folic acid, which is the synthesized version of folate.

Have a Regular Exercise Routine

Exercising regularly helps you to increase your blood circulation. This, in turn, increases the production of haemoglobin by creating more red blood cells to meet the increased demand for oxygen caused by the exercise.

You can start with whole-body workouts if you have other health implications or if you are unaware of where to start. Perform low-impact workouts and then get in touch with a professional trainer to help you out. But the overall goal is this, to break your sedentary lifestyle and add some action, to naturally increase your haemoglobin.

Next Move

Improve your haemoglobin through food items, and try ensuring consistency in your consumption through the support of daily health supplements like Revital H Woman.

Stay healthy and energetic.

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